Sous vide which is also pronounced as soo-veed refers to “under vacuum” conditions in French. These are the recipes which are available in the form of gourmet culinary technique. This is the technique which is applicable to the cooking standards of chefs worldwide. This is also the standard which is accessible presently to home cooks. The technique used is the cooking in pouches, then are immersed in the water bath which is totally controlled with temperature.

The baked foodstuffs

Baked foods that can be cooked with this technique are the cakes and cookies. This type of technique can be applicable in order to make the foodstuffs super fun, a tasty alternative as well as are impressive when they are compared to the traditional treats. There are certain tricks that can make sous vide cooking for baking an awesome experience.

1. Choosing the Recipe

The Precision Cooker is always used for such a cooking standard. However, there is a need for the choice of the ingredient according to the food’s moisture. The cooking standard is not a great option for the super light as well as a fluffy cake, there is a need for the improvement to bake a sponge cake as well as the angel food. One can make the choice of a better alternative like the moist cakes as well as quick breads which can be totally cooked using the technique.

The Funafuti cupcakes can be totally baked with the use if this technique. Zucchini bread which is also cooked using the technique can be a great recipe and can behold the quality of more flour as well as the liveners. The technique is hence the best when compared to many other techniques. This method is a basic one which can maintain the traditional type of cooking standard as well as the fluffiness.

2. Use of the Sturdy Canning Jars which come with the 2-Part Lids

custards as well as the other fruit desserts are the ones which are totally cooked with the help of the vacuum sealed as well as a modified zipper lock bag. However, for the cakes as well as other baked materials it is always important to get them packed within the vessel. The best thing that can help them to be appropriate the use of a Half-pint canning jar.  To these also be inclusive of a water bath, which can be modified in the form of a 2-part lids. Such a protective cover can be the bets for the precious standard cakes and cookies.

Cookies and brownies can also be devised with this wonderful technique. However, the butter quantity in all such foodstuffs are higher. These foodstuffs are speedy enough to get quickly transformed into the dense, as well as the greasy sous vide. However, being careful can never soul the recipe. With proper care, they can be transformed into the chocolate-y fudge-like texture.


Baking the foodstuffs with this technique can be real fun and help retain the taste of the foodstuffs. With such a technique, baking can be real fun.